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The Sunday school department of the English-speaking Assembly of CAC ITIRE located at No.9 Babalola Lawanson, Itire, Lagos saw Christian education as an indispensable part of church development for workers, leaders and ministers. In furtherance of this, in 1994 the assembly establish a Christian education department under the auspices of the Sunday school alms of the church to develop and organize training programmes for all workers, leaders and ministers of the young assembly. This was done and the training was tagged Christian leadership training programme for discipleship development.

The vessels God used for this purpose included Late pastor E.A Adeyemo, founding pastor of the English assembly, Elder Elijah Sunday Oguntade; the then Elder T.O Abiona; and the Sunday school teachers that were there. The training also involved bringing external lectures like pastor M.A Adeoye and late Pastor Iyanda who offered the best of their experience, knowledge and counseling to the participants. This training was often held after Sunday services. The Sunday school educational department was under pastor Ogundele as the Sunday school supervisor of the church. Pastor Ogundele was appointed by Pastor Ben Okpaise to oversee the programme.

In a short while, the international Christian Institute (ICI) was introduced to the training programme. Pastor F.A Olaniyi was brought in to coordinate the school and provide it with his expertise. The assembly later moved from Babalola street to children department building of Itire 1, the mother assembly, located at No.5 Joel Dunmade Close, Mushin Road. Within a short time, the progress of the training programme became widely known and other participants from the mother assembly decided to be part of it. At this, with remarkable progress made within a short space of time, the then assembly pastor/District superintendent, CAC, Itire District, Pastor A.O Akinosun, along with the English assembly leaders, suggested the transformation of the training programme into full bible training institute.

In 1994, this initiative received the blessing of Pastor (AGS) Ben Okpaise and Pastor Sokunbi from then on, other ministers and brothers were engaged as lecturers. These included the new English Assembly’s Shepard at the time, pastor J.A Akinyomi, late Pastor Sanni, pastor Collins, Pastor Collins, Pastor F.A Olaniyi, Pastor S.O.A Afolabi and others. The first batch of students of the Bible school graduated in 1996. To strengthen and sustain the institute, two people were engaged as secretariat staff in 1997. They were late Pastor J.O Ogundele as bursar and Mrs. Assam Benedicta as secretary.

The institute grew in popularity and recognition to the acknowledgement of the authorities of the Christ Apostolic Church worldwide. This led to its metamorphosis into a satellite campus of the Christ Apostolic Church Theological seminary, ile-ife.

The chairman of the Governing Board of the seminary, Professor Imevbore, threw his weight behind bringing on board a staff member from The Ile-Ife main campus of the seminary as its coordinator, hence the coming of Pastor S.O Afolabi to coordinate it. Its full accreditation then followed and the leadership of the mission headed by the former president of the church, pastor E.H.L Oluseye, who came to launch it at the English assembly hall of our Itire church at Joel Dunmade close in 1998.

The rapid expansion and growth of the campus required a bigger space and facilities to accommodate the students. This led to its movement from Itire to the idimu convention Ground of CAC Itire on the 10th day of December 2000. At this point, more secretariat staff and lectures were employed and the school continued to grow by leaps and bounds with students coming from CAC churches from within and outside Lagos and other denominations and ministries.

New Appointments were further made in the Administrative Cadre which included the Coordinator, Pastor S.O.A.Afolabi; The Dean of Academic, Pastor F.A. Olaniyi. Later Pastor J.O.Y.Alonge Pastor and Yinka Shalom Osinfolarinmi joined in 2000 as a Lecturer and Faculty Member.
In 2002 Pastor Adewale Felix Adedoyin joined as a Lecturer and the First Assistant Registrar between 2005 to 2008; before his transfered by the Leadership of the Church in 2011 to pioneer a Church Cape Town ,South Africa. Also Pastor Shalom Yinka Oshinfolarin joined as a Lecturer 2005
Itire Coordinating Council and Owners of the idimu convention camp Ground later released it to be the school’s permanent site which has been developed into a combination of ultra-modern facilities that include a chapel and office complex that is yet to be completed. The students’ enrolment on the campus that was less than 30 then is now over 700.

The former Dean of Academics, Pastor F.A Olaniyi, introduced the Yoruba class for certificate students, and a computer section for information technology awareness training when he became the coordinator of the campus. More grace was released on the campus during the 2011/12 academic session when it became the first campus of the seminary to start a degree programme and an adult education class also known as “the pre-certificate class” on the campus.

The school is now headed by pastor F.A Olaniyi as coordinator, who took over from pastor S.O Afolabi in 2010 when the latter was promoted and transferred to Ile-Ife, the main campus of the CACTS, as provost. The Registry department is now headed by pastor J.O.Y. Alonge; and the Dean of Academics is Pastor Olayinka Shalom Osinfolarinmi.

The bursary department is headed by pastor Joshua Ojo and Mrs. Assam Benedicta remains the secretary for the school. Pastor Gabriel Agboola is the school’s chaplain. In all, we have 40 staff members both teaching and non-teaching, and the work of the lord is waxing great on the campus.